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Still new(ish) to Smartsheet - can someone provide a formula or series of steps on how to prefill data in cells that are blank to what is above (no these are not parent rows).

This link shows how I would do it in Excel. but I'm unaware of a "go to special" button here to replicate the process. Thanks so much! - Ilana


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Ilana Vak

    There currently isn't a function that will automatically fill a column based on other cells that are filled out in that column.

    If this column was a Parent row, then you could use =PARENT([Column Name]@row) in a different column to automatically bring in the blue cell data into child rows. However if these rows are simply random rows, there isn't a way for the sheet to know what cells you want auto-filled down.

    You can type in a white cell then drag-fill down until the next blue one (see: Create a Series of Numbers or Dates with Drag-Fill) Keep in mind you won't want to do this starting on the blue cell because it will copy the formatting as well, turning all the white cells blue (unless these are set with Conditional Formatting rules).



  • Thanks Genevieve - not as simple as Excel, but the formula you provided helped me create the workaround for it so I appreciate it!! :)

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