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I am trying to create a lead gen report that shows the difference in contacts week over week by sales person. The information below is pulling all data. I will create a master sheet that calculates totals, etc., but I'm stumped on what formula I use to calculate the % change as I input new data? IE when 3/12 data is inputted, how can I automatically get the new % change from 3/5 - 3/12 in the master sheet?


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator
    edited 03/12/22

    Hi @Aaron Surber,

    When creating cross-sheet references, you won't be able to pick a whole row and have the information automatically update along new columns being inserted. However, this can be done with Columns.

    For example, in your sheet, if you'd like to calculate the total % of calls taken by recruiter and adjust when new week data is inserted, you could achieve this by setting Columns with each recruiter name and adding each new week as a new row and selecting the whole column as the reference for your formula. 

    Note that the cross-sheet references "{Amanda Spear}" and "{Total}" consist of those whole Columns in the source 

    I hope this can be of help when creating your formulas. 



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