Trouble with color in blank cell


Hi all,

I am trying to make a tracking status for my project.

The way I want to track is the Help Column will be red when the date in the Annual Plan columns pass the date in the Actual Finish Date column and when the date in the Annual Plan column is on or before the date in Actual Finish Date, the help column will be green

I created a Help Column and used a formula like this

=IF([Actual Finish Date]@row > [Annual Plan]@row, "Red", IF([Actual Finish Date]@row <= [Annual Plan]@row, "Green"))

Then I created conditional formatting like the pic below. But the Annual Plan column turns green when it is blank. Is there any way to make it no color when it's empty?

Many thanks in advantage for your help,



  • Daryl Lee
    Daryl Lee ✭✭✭

    You can add an additional conditional formatting line where you have it check if the annual plan column is blank and then set the formatting for the line to be white. Then put that conditional format line above the rest of the rules and then you should be good from here. I think, at least.

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