Formula to pull data from a multi-value column

I need help figuring out how I can use formulas to populate a column that is referencing a multi-value column. I am hoping someone can assist. I have the following two sheets--"Resource List" and "Crew/Resource Assignment."

Resource List: The Team Members on the other sheet are in a multiple contact list. On this sheet, I want to auto-populate the Crew # column from the other sheet. I am showing the two formulas I have tried to accomplish this. Thoughts?

Crew/Resource Assignment: Here I want to pull the skills listed on the "Resource List" sheet for each team member. For example, the first two Names on the Resource List are assigned to Crew #1. So the skills here should show A, B, C, D (and a second C, if necessary). I am hoping that this can be done similarly to the previous solution.

I appreciate any help that anyone can lend here. It is baffling me!


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