Convert text to date


I have a column containing text, which contains a date in MM/DD/YY format, followed by a longer string of text.

For example, one of the cells contains "07/26/22-G"

I want to populate another column, with column type = date, with the date, so that I can order by date.

I tried this using this formula

=MID([Test1]@row, 1, 8)

It does populate 07/26/22 in my column as expected, but it is not treated as a date, so I cannot sort or filter by it.

I also tried this formula, to explicitly convert the string to a date, also thinking it might be confused by the fact that the month appears before the day:

=DATE(MID([Test1]@row, 7, 2), MID([Test1]@row, 1, 2), MID([Test1]@row, 4, 2))


I have checked (and double checked!) that my column type is set to Date.

Any thoughts?


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