I have a cell group that contains multiple pieces of information (from a drop down in a form, allowing for more than one choice) that I want to count and add to a report, and eventually a dashboard. An example of that information is below.

What formula ia best to use to extract this information in the following manner:

Visual presentation / demonstration - Total #

Hands-on practice - Total #


The formula is confusing for me. An additional step is I am doing this in a different sheet because I cannot use the original as it's raw data. I know how to reference the other sheet, though. (Yay me?)


  • Amanda Alv
    Amanda Alv ✭✭✭✭✭

    There are a couple of ways that you could do this, depending on how you want it reported out on, including Sheet Summary, which would allow you to use the raw data and not calculate on a different sheet. That being said, since you are already using another sheet, try this:

    =COUNTIF({sheet reference}, "Hands-on-practice") and then repeate this for each opportunity that you want to receive a total for.

    If you want to use Sheet summary within the sheet of raw data, you could use:

    =COUNTIF([Content - Learning Opportunities]:[Content-Learning Opportunities], "Hands-on-practice")

    Hope that helps!

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