Trying to count a flagged item


=COUNTIFS({MASTER - Daily Report - Employee}, [Employee Name]@row, {MASTER - Daily Report - Date}, @cell >= [Start Date]@row, {MASTER - Daily Report - Date}, @cell <= [End Date]@row, {MASTER - Daily Report - Late}, 1)

Can you help with this formula? Im getting #Incorrect Argument


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Samuel Dowdy Jr.

    This error appears:

    1. For functions that take two ranges: The range sizes don’t match for the function.
    2. The function is missing an argument.
    3. There is an extra function in the argument.

    The structure of your formula above is correct, so the error is not coming from the way it's written (points 2 & 3 above). My guess is that the error is coming from the {ranges} you selected.

    Is it possible that one of the cross sheet references is only looking at a selection of cells instead of an entire column? I would use the Sheet Reference Manager (right click on any cell to choose this from the dropdown) to confirm the size of each of your ranges and make sure they match.



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