Measuring team capacity across multiple projects


Hi everyone,

I work in research and we have a team of about 15 people. We have organised our smart sheet (we are very new users) by project and have different people assigned to each project; we also have the different stages of our projects and associated timelines mapped out. We work across multiple projects which are at different stages of the project lifecycle.

The thing that we want to do is have an overview of people's capacity, ie the time they are likely spending on different projects at any given week for each project.

For example, if it's a quantitative project which is in 'fieldwork' then we may only spend 1 hour a week; whereas if it's in 'reporting' phase we would be spending 15 hours or if it's a qualitative project then we may be spending 10 hours during 'fieldwork' but if it's a 'proposal' then we spend around the same time regardless on the methodology.

Any advice on how I can do this?




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