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I need a way to be able to keep track of inventory in multiple locations with our call center scheduling. We have many different model numbers for our products and we need to be able to use a form to allow a center manager to add more quantity totals for each models then I need the sheet to update those totals as the call center schedules the installations for the models. Is there a way to do this? I currently have a SS that is being used by the call center that shows when a particular model is scheduled. I just need a simple way to allow our center managers to add a quantity with a form only so they dont have to access the actual SS


  • Intern98
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    In the same SS under forms, create forms

    Remove all icon/columns that are not needed in your use case. eg, leaving quantity as the only form option.

    All form entries will be input in a new row below your existing data, therefore I suggest that your running total be in your highest row, row 1 for example, for easy monitoring( =sum([quantity]:[quantity]) where quantity is the name of your desired column). The link of the form can be sent to your respective centers while only authorised users have access to your SS.

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    Have you checked the Solution Center? I think there are a couple of Inventory Templates that could be excellent starting points for a solution.

    Did that work/help?

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