Can I make a cells value 0.6 instead of 1 when a cell in a specific column is checked?


Good Afternoon,

I am trying to create a formula that countifs the cell is checked but instead of counting it as 1 I would like to count it as 0.6 of a point. So to be more exact with the task at hand, Anytime one of the techs check a box in "Missing Parts" and "Failed Parts" Column i would like it to count 0.6. Anytime a cell is checked in those columns those points are then added back to "Gate 1 - Score" and "Gate 2 Check - Score". Not sure what the formula would look like to make what im asking happen. This is where i could use the help. Thank you in advance for any help given

Thanks, ECD Automotive Design


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    Gate 1 score

    =countif([missing parts]:[missing parts],1)*.6+countif([failed parts]:[failed parts],1)*.6

    I'm not sure I understand what you want for the gate 2 check score

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