how can i match e-mails that are the same in different sheets but have different names, for example

sheet 1, e-mail stated John Do, [email protected]

sheet 2, e-mail states Do John, [email protected]

Even though the e-mail address is the same I can not find them using vlookup, I get a No match error, this is caused by the fact that the names do not match. I don't understand why the name is taken in consideration for the match, I'm looking for the e-mail address not the name.

Does anyone have an idear how to solve this. I have got a lot of sheets with reports that are based on e-mail data and as such my results are not reflecting the reality because the e-mails don't match.

Thanks for your idears.


  • Amanda Alv
    Amanda Alv ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there,

    I believe we will need to use the HAS command to help, but to clarify, what are you looking to have done once they are matched? On Sheet A, are you trying to check a box or display a specific response if the email listed is also listed on Sheet B?

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