I want to make a widget with hours consumed.


So, I want to make a Widget in my dashboard that shows that hours consumed by my resources out of their allocated hours, for that i need to SUM all the hours they put on their TIME ENTRY sheet, i made the formula and in works on SHEET SUMMARY being =SUMIFS(HOURS:HOURS, EMPLOYEE:EMPLOYEE, "xxxxxxx") (xxxxxx being the actual name of the person) BUT in order to make a widget i need to create a new sheet with only the data a need, that being:

  1. the sum of hours that each resource has put on their sheet table which i got the number with the formula above.
  2. the allocated hours which i get from the PP

My problem is when i copy my formula to my new sheet and reference the TIME ENTRY sheet it doesnt work, and i dont know why, the formula i use is =SUMIFS({NAME OF THE SHEET Range 5} HOURS:HOURS, EMPLOYEE:EMPLOYEE, "xxxxxxx")

This are the widgets i need to make

This is the formula thats working of the Time entry sheet but it doesnt work on a new sheet with reference to this sheet.

Please Help!

Thank you.


  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    Hi, you would have to reference the range for [employee]:[employee] in the new sheet as well,

    the formula would look something like

    =sumifs({range 1},{range2},"[primary column]@row")

    The area selected upon clicking 'reference another sheet' is the equivalent of [hour]:[hour]

    you would not see the actual column name of the original sheet.

    do let me know if that helped

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