#Invalid Ref on a metrics sheet & report


Hello, I created a data collection sheet in which end users enter information re: employee training compliance. I then created metrics sheets to capture the details for each employee location/site - basically counting the number of employees in each location that completed each training class. I then have a report that pulls this information by site onto a dashboard.

The following has happened twice now and am wondering if there is a way to fix this or troubleshoot. All of my metrics sheets, reports and dashboard worked as expected. Then I received an #Invalid Ref on the metrics despite the data collection tool being populated correctly. When I investigated the formulas on the metrics sheet, it looks like the link to the reference sheet has removed the link for each column (refer to the formula in the second snip below). If there any way to avoid this "unlinking" from the source reference? So time consuming to fix.......... :(

Thank you for your help!

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