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I'm trying to make a check on a cell and once it goes to a particular value "Committed" I want create a time stamp of the current date in another cell on that same row. Seems simple enough, except for me :). Here is what I tried to put in place:

=IF([Stage]="Committed", DATEONLY(), )

Maybe I don't understand the DATEONLY formula....

Thanks for help!


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Dennis Ruff

    There is automation on the sheet that will do exactly what you want to do.

    Above your sheet menu is AUTOMATION. Go into that. You can use CREATE WORKFLOW FROM TEMPLATE. When the page opens, scroll down to the blue section. Choose record the date when specified criteria are met

    Once there, click Use Template

    then #1 Title your workflow.

    #2 Choose your Status column (however you have it named), then #3 select COMMITTED as the value

    #4 Choose the appropriate Date column (Note that in the example below I chose my column 'Finish'. This is just an example). Note this column MUST be formatted as a date column to appear in the list.

    That's it!


  • Dennis Ruff

    Thank you Kelly!

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