How to add a new Report to the blueprint and add to all existing projects?


Hi All!

Can anyone explain on how to add a new report type to the project blueprint so we do not have to go into 50 different project workspaces and manually add a report?



  • Ameya Athalye
    Ameya Athalye ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/15/22

    Hi @Gaby Colvis I don't think you can add a report to the blueprint. You can create a summary sheet from the data you're collecting. Then use that summary sheet to create report/s.

  • JCluff
    JCluff ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @GabyC,

    I ran across this question while doing some other research and thought I'd help if you never got the answer you were looking for.

    Yes, you can add a new report to existing projects using Global Update in Control Center.

    First, create the new report in your template folder with all of the appropriate connections.

    Then go into global updates and select "Update Reports".

    Select the appropriate Blueprint & select the new report in "Select Template". Click "Update & Run"

    Under the "Report Name" column select "Choose Report" and check the "Add new report" option.

    After selecting this you will receive a prompt asking if you want to do this to the remaining projects. Hope this helps!


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