COUNTIF worked 1st time but not the 2nd time


I'm a bit confused with a COUNTIF formula that works for one scenario but not another.

I have a sheet summary report counting values in columns

I'm counting how many check marks in the column "1st AE follow up" for each person so for example my formula for Rhonda is: =COUNTIFS(AE:AE, "Rhonda lastname", ([1st AE follow up]:[1st AE follow up]), 1) and I get a 0 for her which is correct. that same formula is repeated for each person in the "AE" column and they are all reporting the correct values.

I would also like to know how many check marks there are by leader so I used the SAME formula but just changed it a little to apply to the "Leader" column and not the AE column, but now I get an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error so not sure why it is working for the AE column but not the Leader column-the formula is the same!

For reference my Leader formula is:

=COUNTIF(Leader:Leader, "Tracey", ([1st AE follow up]:[1st AE follow up]), 1)

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