I need help.... I need to create an asset register, I have a sheet that contains summary data

My Columns are set out as follows: Site ID, Product 1 - Product 44

My Rows contain The Site ID and the number of units per Product

I need to take tis data and expand it so I can add each items serial number, I need an easy way to expand the sheet to allow me to address each item as an individual component against its site ID.

Is this possible or will I have to do manually



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @VAC Create

    Would you mind explaining what you mean by "item serial number"? Do you mean that each product, Product 1 - Product 44, has a serial number and you're looking to include that on the sheet? In this instance, I would add one row at the top, under the column names, to identify the serial number.

    Or do you mean that each product could have multiple items, and each item has a unique serial number (e.g. the 11 in the cell near the bottom means that the one cell has 11 serial numbers associated with it).

    In this instance, I would perhaps swap around how your sheet is set up. What about having each Site ID be a column, and then have one Product column as the Primary column. This way you could implement hierarchy in your sheet where you list the Product Name as a Parent row, and Child Rows could contain the individual serial numbers.

    You could add hierarchy into how the sheet is currently structured: under each Site ID add Child Rows that contain the serial number, so the Site where there are 11 of the one Product would have 11 Child Rows beneath it. See; Hierarchy: Indent or Outdent Rows



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