Formula for percentage of tasks completed by week?



I'm currently working on a sheet where I would like to correlate a percentage of tasks completed with an individual week number so I can create a line chart to plot % of tasks completed by week.

Currently my formula is =COUNTIF([Week Number]1:[Completed within Scheduled Frequency]16, ="Percentage Complete") but this formula isn't applying to individual weeks, it's applying to the entire column. How would I create a formula that would associate the % of tasks completed for a specific week?



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Twwillm

    It looks like you already have a column in your sheet called "Week Number". You can use this column as a criteria in a COUNTIFS (plural) function to count how many rows are a specific week number as well as "Percentage Complete".

    For example, if i was looking for Week number 5 in the Week Number column:

    =COUNTIFS([Week Number]:[Week Number], 5, [Completed within Scheduled Frequency]:[Completed within Scheduled Frequency], "Percentage Complete")

    If this hasn't helped, it would be useful to see a screen capture of your sheet, but please block out sensitive data.



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