Count multiple values in a single cell

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Hello. I'm very new to Smartsheet and a complete novice with functions. I can get by with bountiful resources in this community. I can't seem to find any other instance of the question I have about contact column conditional formatting. I hope it's possible.

Ultimately, I want to apply conditional formatting to a cell when there were multiple entries. I was planning on starting by using a checkbox column with the formula to return true if a cell in the row has more than 1 entry. This would allow me to keep the column small and the team alert to more than one "Contact" entered in the cell with the conditional format. Contact columns don't show 'bubble' entries like other multiple entry cells.

I've tried some basic if and countif formulas, but unsuccessfully. =IF([Requestor(s)]@row > 1, 1, 0) This returns true for all entries including those with only one value. Am I close, is it feasible?

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