IFERROR Formula to Resolve #DIVIDE BY ZERO Error


I am familiar with how to use the IFERROR function but for some reason with the specific formula below I am continuing to receive the #DIVIDE BY ZERO error message. I hope I am just missing a small detail with this and it can be resolved.

=IFERROR(INDEX({Global GREF Project Tracker Range 3}, MATCH([Building Block/Project Name]@row, {Global GREF Project Tracker Range 4}, 0)), "0")

Please advise of any solutions that will be most helpful!

Thank you,



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @John Gil

    It sounds like there may be an issue in the source sheet. I would check the two columns you have referenced to see if there's an error in any of those cells:

    {Global GREF Project Tracker Range 3}


    {Global GREF Project Tracker Range 4}

    If either of these contain a formula, I would suggest using the IFERROR function around that formula. Once you've cleared up the error in the range, this will clear the error from any formulas referencing it!

    Let me know if this helped.



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