Odd behaviour with new form entries on sheets

CRL Planning
CRL Planning ✭✭✭
edited 04/26/22 in Formulas and Functions

We have multiple sheets that are populated at the top of the sheet by forms.

These sheets have worked for over 5 years now but all of a sudden the data being entered at the top of the sheet is not picking up the formulae that are in the top row. The formulae that are being picked up are acting on the previous top row and giving incorrect results.

Has anyone else noticed strange errors in sheets being populated from forms and if you have, have you managed to find a fix.

Murray (CRL Planning)


  • Ross C
    Ross C ✭✭✭

    We are seeing the same issues over the last several weeks. There are a couple of different discussions regarding this same issue.

  • CRL Planning

    OK Ross, thanks for pointing me to this.

    I have raised a ticket on the matter and at the moment I have been advised to change my formulae to @row formulae but this is not so easy when you want them to act on specific data columns.


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