INDEX? I may be making this too complicated but I am drinking from the firehose right now.

I have a sheet that is fed from a form. In one area of the sheet there is a column called Additional Notes.

Most of the time this is left blank. But when it is filled in there is a column next to it that has a check box showing if the issue was closed (checked) or if the issue is still open (unchecked).

I am creating another sheet which is an "Open Issues" sheet. On this sheet I would like to have a list of Issues, that do not have a check mark, and I would like to also bring over the technicians name (Column), the Date (Date Column) and the Store Number (Store Number Column).

I have been on this one for a few days, gone though Vlookup, Vlookup/If, INDEX... and I am chasing my own tail.

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