May Release Notes

Amber Blodgett
Amber Blodgett Employee Admin
edited 06/10/22 in Brandfolder

Chrome Extension - Brandfolder now has a Chrome extension to make leveraging Brandfolder and its content incredibly easy. While browsing, you can effortlessly search, find, and filter for specific content as well as crop and resize assets.

3D RapidCompact - We’ve integrated with RapidCompact to embed 3D support in Brandfolder. This will offer users a simple way to add 3D assets to Brandfolder, preview and rotate assets, create preset and customizable optimizations of 3D models for multiple platforms and easily share them with partners or guests.

Seismic - With this integration users can maximize the functionality of Seismic alongside Brandfolder content to increase sales team performance, streamline the transfer of assets from Brandfolder to Seismic, and reduce the need to download and re-upload content between platforms.

Template Approvals - Admins are notified for approval when collaborators and guests customize any templates to ensure changes are on-brand, meet guidelines, and follow styling best practices.

Update Comment Permissions - This update enables comments and annotations to only display on the Brandfolder, Collection, or Share Links that they were created in for better visibility and information management.

Brandfolder Panel in Smartsheet - Brandfolder’s core functionality is now natively embedded in Smartsheet. The Brandfolder panel offers the ability to find and add assets right from a sheet, gives users the flexibility to use both products together, and creates a better workflow to navigate, search, and use assets efficiently.

Brandfolder Insights Data in Smartsheet - Sync insights from Brandfolder to Smartsheet in a format that allows users to share, easily modify, and utilize data to create custom reports and dashboards that help marketers understand asset performance and make more informed creative decisions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration - Brandfolder’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to quickly find the assets you’re looking for using Brandfolder’s best-in-class AI-driven search and advanced filter logic. Once you’ve found the right assets, build impactful, on-brand, and always up-to-date marketing content with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder.

Guest Upload Approvals - Trusted guests, partners, and teams can now directly add assets to Brandfolder with automatic approval upon upload.