Multiple criteria needed for a COUNTIFS statement

I'm trying to calculate how many Open Tickets are currently assigned to each one of our team members. (See attached screenshot titled "Master Sheet")

-A Ticket is a row in our sheet and has a value in the "Request ID" column

-An Open Ticket is defined by the column "Ticket Status", with a value of "Not Started", "In Progress" or "On Hold".

-Assigned to is defined by column "Assigned To" which is a multi select Contact List field. I want to count the ticket for each member it is assigned to. i.e. if the ticket has 2 contacts listed, I want the ticket to be counted 1x for Contact A and a 2nd time for Contact B. That way they both get credit.

I've tried multiple different ways of doing this, and keep getting errors. I've tried COUNTIFS using a CONTAINS (for the contact list field) and OR statement (to list multiple ticket statuses). This doesn't seem to be working.

My end goal is to have a summary of "Open tickets X Team member" graph in a separate sheet (See attached screenshot titled "End Goal")

Thank you in advance for any help!


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