Trouble Transferring Ownership of Workspace and Sheets

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Hi all,

I'm retiring soon (woohoo!) and transferring sheets in our account to other licensed users. Most are working fine, but the oldest set we have (from 2011) are in a workspace and the transfer is not working.

I've tried to transfer both the workspace and individual sheets in this workspace. The new owner is a licensed user and is shared on this workspace as an Admin in the workspace. He receives the email to accept the transfer, but when he clicks the link, the transfer does not execute. In fact, he is asked to log into SS, even though he is already logged in.

Other sheets are transferring fine to other licensed users, so this one is a head scratcher. I've put in a Support request, but their initial response is to ask the Community (because you are SO great and always helpful!).

Here is what the workspace looks like in case that gives any clues:

The "plus person" icon showing for sharing is also incorrect because I removed anyone not in the workspace from the sharing yesterday. I'm wondering if something is out of sync?

Thanks for any help! I'll miss the support of this community, but have told all my colleagues you are the best.



  • Hi @Susan Peck ,

    If there is only a specific user who is affected by this behavior who doesn't seem to be able to accept ownership transfer of the affected items, I would ask this user to ensure that no existing Smartsheet session is open when clicking on the link and using the specific credentials to sign in to Smartsheet that the items were transferred to. If this doesn't seem to help, and since all other items seem to have been successfully transferred to other users, you may want to try the bulk transfer option covered here with the assistance of an account System Administrator.

    Although our Support team has referred you to the Community for possible alternative assistance, if none of the options offered above can be of help, I would advise continue troubleshooting through the Support ticket that you opened so that the relevant actions occurring in your account can be reviewed in the backend.

    On a separate note, the "+ user" icon indicates that the particular item is shared not only at the Workspace level but also individually as an item with other (or the same) users. From what you explain it is possible that some users are shared to both the Workspace and individually to the specific item. This behavior is explained in depth in this article if you need more information.

    I hope that this can offer some insights to help you resolve the experienced behavior.



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