I have a smartsheet with MANY columns; I need to do a countif based on 3 of them. This portion works:

=COUNTIFS({Quarter Created On}, "Q3", {GEO}, "AMERICAS")

When I try to add this, it all falls apart: {EA 2.0 Architecture Selection}, FIND("Collab")

I tried this just to see if I could get the right count of rows with Collab in them; I get 0 - I'm guessing that could be because this is not referencing the whole column?

=COUNTIF({2H FY22 Cross Arch SPIFF Team Registrati Range 11}, HAS(@cell, "Collab"))This column is a multi select and will have a variety of entries.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




  • Jake Gustafson
    Jake Gustafson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried using the CONTAINS function with that third criterion set?

  • LisaJ

    Yes. That did not help. But with some help from an associate, this is what he came up with and it works: =COUNTIFS({Quarter Created On}, $[Column11]@row, {GEO}, [Column13]@row, {2H FY22 Cross Arch SPIFF Team Registrati Range 11}, HAS(@cell, $[Column7]@row))

    This eliminates the hard coding that I had above which is always a good idea.

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