How can I have a form that auto-fills multiple fields based on the information entered in one field


I have a Smartsheet that contains multiple lines, each starting with an auto-generated ID.

When the user enters and existing ID in the form, I want some fields to be auto-populated with the contents of the row that starts with that ID. In other words, a vlookup that will return the information from the row in the sheet and auto-populate multiple fields. Then the user can enter information in the additional fields and also edit the auto-populated information before submitting the form.

Has that been implemented yet?

Is there w workaround?

Thank you.


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Oana A.

    The functionality of the form currently does not support a true lookup where you need information-returned that is outside of data available within the form. If you are wanting the form to make an instantaneous decision of data entered within the form and display certain fields based on that decision, the form may be able to do that (form logic).

    As a workaround for needing a lookup, I have used an additional sheet where the user starts their data input in a sheet (mine has only a single row of data that gets overwritten each time). This Landing Page sheet performs the required lookup, then using an Active URL, the answer(s) are forwarded into the form. If desired, those answers can be visible in the form - which makes them editable. In my case, I made the sheet available to anyone by publishing this sheet and providing the published-page-link to my organization. This is the same as providing a link to a form. Once the user starts the process the data entry is very seamless. This process works quite well for me.

    If this workaround sounds like it has application to your process, let me know of any additional details you need.


  • Oana A.
    Oana A. ✭✭

    Thanks a lot, Kelly, appreciate your quick answer. I will give it a shot and then I may get back to you with additional questions.