Counting values in a column if different column shows certain value

Hi all,

this is my first question to the community.

Here's the dilemma I've been braking my brain about for a while...

I have a sheet and would like to add a Sheet Summary Field that does the following:

If in column "Name" the name is "John", add all values together found in column "Value" for John. Same for Chris and Linda.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I already have the Multi-Select column and the column that counts the instances of the Multi-Select column.

All I would need is the formula for the Sheet Summary Field, that adds up all numbers in column "Value", if the name in column "Name" is John. Same for Chris and Linda (in my example).

In my example, John had 4 items altogether, Chris had 3 and Linda had 2.

If there's a smarter/simpler solution than what I've done (adding the Multi-Select and Value columns), I'm open for such a solution as well.



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