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Hi; we've had brandfolder since November 2020 and it has been great for having all our photo and video assets in one spot. I have not been able to get many people to use the system, just me and our social media person. That's another issue.

How do you tag/separate/call out your "Best"/"FINAL" images? Example, we do a lot of buildings and construction, so I get all these construction photos that are useful once in a while, but mostly we use the nice completed building photos. I have each client as its own location, but I still have to go through all these construction photos. Today I did <NOT Tags: "Construction" and that helped.

But wonder if there is a better way? Like do you tag some photos as "BEST" so you can sort and only get the top 20?


  • alexross
    alexross Employee

    Hi Juan! Alex with Brandfolder CSA here! Happy to talk through some recommendations to help you find these images more easily.

    There are actually a couple of ways for you to go about doing this - the first would be to add a “best” or “final” tag to those images that you will typically use most. You can then create a pinned search for this tag, which will enable your guest users to quickly search and find those final images you want them to use. You can also create a label structure for these completed photos, and assign all the “final” photos to this label using the bulk actions toolbar!

    I've linked a helpful Brandfolder knowledge base article about pinned searches here, and another one about labels here.

    Our team of CSAs would be happy to hop on a call to discuss this further and chat about other potential options. During this call, we could also address your concerns of low user engagement, and provide you with strategies to help with this as well. We can be reached at [email protected].

    We look forward to hearing from you!