COUNTIFS for last seven days with date field and checkbox


Hi all,

I have a tracking sheet 1) with a checkbox column (named [Doc processed]) to note when a document has been completely reviewed , and 2) a second column (named [Date processed]) that gets an automated date added when that box is ticked.

I need to create a summary field that counts how many docs were completed in the last week, so the countifs should count records where 1) [Doc processed] is ticked, and 2) [Date processed] is in the last 7 days (including today).

There is an added level of complication in that the [Date processed] field will obviously be empty for some uncompleted records, and this seems to be kicking up an error. Actually, it's all just coming back unparseable and my brain is fried - I would love some help.

What I currently have (that appears to be totally wrong) is:

=COUNTIFS([Doc processed]:[Doc processed]; AND([Date processed]@cell >= TODAY(-7), [Date processed]@cell <= TODAY()))

Thanks in advance!

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