SmartSheet Dashboard Not Displaying Certain Data

Nicole J
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I'm creating a dashboard that I want to display data directly from one specific source sheet. I'm trying to display data specifically from 12 unique columns, but certain selected columns are not displaying information, despite having data in that source column. Specifically, the dashboard is only displaying data from every other column.

When I try to display even the select columns that aren't working, I get the following error "The selected columns cannot be charted. Please select a different set of columns."

All of my source columns are set to the Column Type "Text/Number", and I can't find any difference in my source columns as to why every other one will not display in the dashboard.

Any advice?


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  • Nicole J
    Nicole J ✭✭✭✭
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    Thanks, Paul.

    By making all columns in the Source Sheet be "right aligned", that fixed it. It's now properly summing on my new sheet.

    Weird, but oh well.

    Mission accomplished.

    Thanks, again.


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