Creating column formulas to copy all rows within a column from one sheet to another

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HI --

I feel like there's an easy answer for this that I'm just not finding, so apologies if this is a repeated question. I have several sheets used to capture client intake data and am hoping to create a version of the sheet with only the de-identified columns for our evaluators to easily access for analysis. I'm hoping to set them up as column formulas so that when anything is added or changed in the original sheet, it is reflected in the secondary sheet. So, basically, the original sheet has:

Family ID First Name Last Name Address City State Zip Income Household Size

And my new sheet has:

Family ID City State Zip Income Household Size

I was trying to use INDEX with @row but the formula is returning UNPARSABLE. I don't think I need INDEX MATCH because I don't have multiple criteria, and I'd be at it for weeks if I was trying to set it up cell by cell. Any thoughts?

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