Formula help please

I just can't get this to work. The first part of the formula works, but I having difficulty getting it to return a different option

First Part =IF(Urgency@row = "High", [Date Issued]@row + 3)

=IF(Urgency@row="High"(), [Date Issued]@row + 3), IF(Urgency@row = "Medium"(),[Date Issued]@row +7), IF(Urgency@row = "Low"(),[Date Issued]@row +14)))

I'm almost sure it's something to do with the brackets. Any help would be great

Tha;nks Jo

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  • Dan W
    Dan W ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/29/22 Answer ✓

    Here you go.

    =IF(Urgency@row = "High", [Date Issued]@row + 3, IF(Urgency@row = "Medium", [Date Issued]@row + 7, IF(Urgency@row = "Low", [Date Issued]@row + 14)))

    You were close, the extra () after "High"/"Medium"/"Low" should be removed and the closing ) after your If statements should be at the very end.


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