Returning a Value When an Item is a Child of a Parent That Has a Specific Name

I need to create a formula that looks at all children (of varying levels) within a parent, and returns a specified name in a column for ALL children rows when the level 1 parent value is X.


  • Jeff Reisman
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    By "returns a specified name in a column" do you mean that it sets a cell value in the column for all child rows with a parent row value of X?

    Can you add a screenshot of your row hierarchy structure?


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  • What I'm trying to achieve is a sort of IF statement based on the parent/ancestral value for the cell. Something like, IF the highest level parent value = "Summary", THEN display "X" in the cell. I'm trying to do this to identify the summary section of each sheet (there are many of these sheets), so I can then use the value in the field as an identifier/filter in a report.

  • Brent Wilson
    Brent Wilson ✭✭✭✭✭

    What about

    =IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS(Description@row))=0, "X")

    This would get you the top level

    If you have things like Headers such as "Quarter" and indent the records under that you will have to change the IF to a higher number..

    Something like

    =IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS(Description@row))=1, "X")

    You might also want to change the column to a check box field and rewrite the statement as

    =IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS(Description@row))=0, 1)

    then it will give you a fancy little check box on those top values

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  • This got me part of the way there, but still trying to work through it to get the necessary end result. I also referenced this other discussion, but still haven't fully achieved my end goal.

    Here is the current state of the sheet and the formulae I used to get there:

    Level: =COUNT(ANCESTORS(ID@row))

    Row#: =MATCH([Auto Number]@row, [Auto Number]:[Auto Number], 0)

    Grandparent Row: =IF(Level@row = "1", PARENT(ID@row), (IF(Level@row = "2", PARENT(ID@row), IF(Level@row = "3", PARENT(ID@row)))))

    My goal is to identify all rows within a hierarchy with a value I can use to filter a report to only show rows that are part of the Summary section of the sheet.

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