How to implement SCIM APIs?

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I have a Smartsheet Enterprise account with System Administrator permissions.

I'm trying to develop an SDK that will fetch the Users, Groups, and Roles/Membership related information from the Smarsheet SCIM APIs. I've got the SCIM base URL( ) from the tutorial(

The API document( doesn't specify anything about SCIM and I couldn't find any documentation that specifies SCIM endpoints. Please provide me with the answers to the following questions:

1. What are the endpoints supported for SCIM API? eg: /Users, /Groups, /Roles, etc.

2. What are the header and query parameters supported for each of the endpoints?

3. I've tried with one of the endpoint /Users. The data received from the API( and SCIM API( aren't the same. Why?

4. The SCIM API( returns a 404 Not Found error. How can we access group-related information?

5. What are the parameters used to handle pagination for each of the endpoints?

I'm stuck with these questions. Kindly provide me with the proper directions.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @godson_john

    Smartsheet does not currently have any guidance for custom integrating with the SCIM API, since this is built specifically for the Azure AD integration. I will need to check in with our Support team to see if this endpoint can be leveraged outside of Azure AD.

    Can you elaborate on your reason for setting up the SDK? It would be helpful to know if you are using a directory service that Smartsheet does not natively integrate with.