How do I set dates in a project schedule that automatically update when a prerequisite is met?

I am putting together a phase schedule for a project I'm on. We are currently in the "awaiting deliverables" stage, and we have preset 'assumed' start and end dates for all the tasks in each of the phases when we officially begin work on the project. I need to somehow set up the schedule that if deliverables arrive earlier/later, Smartsheet will automatically shift all the dates in the schedule accordingly (rather than having to change them manually). We want the Gantt chart to flow nicely as well. I plan to implement dependencies and predecessors, but I need a formula that brings this all together nicely. Thanks!


  • JCluff
    JCluff ✭✭✭✭

    If you have set up predecessors for all of your tasks then they will automatically shift if the start/end date changes. As soon as you turn on dependencies you can no longer input formulas into your start/end date columns as they will be used in the calculation for duration & predecessor.

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