Summing Sheet summaries into one sheet


I have multiple sheets, each with the same summary items that are derived by formulas that use data in the sheet. I need to create a one row sheet that sums all the of the same summary items from each sheet so that I can use the charting function to show a donut chart based on the summed values for a portfolio dashboard.

Only way I have been able to figure out how to do this is to re-create the same formulas that were used in the sheet summaries to produce the same sums within a sheet using a range reference for each of the columns and sheets that I need to sum up. This seems rather inefficient since all I should really need to do is sum all the sheet summary items that were created with the original formulas.

Help info I have found indicated to create a portfolio view report that included all the sheet summaries, but that results in a multi-row grid, that does not allow me to use the donut chart function (donut chart seems to only work with a single row sheet).

Is there a way of referencing the sheet summary items in a formula so that I could write a simple formula something like this?

=Sum({sheet 1[}[late task count]#,{sheet 2}[late task count]#, {sheet 3}[late task count]#)


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