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Hello formula gods,

I need help creating a formula. In my scenario, a user is able to leave certain columns blank after he/she is done completing a form coordinating to a specific project (project A). If the cell he/she leaves a field blank, it indicates that nothing for project A has changed from the previous time project A was filled out. I want the blank cells to automatically grab and show the previous Project A's information on the rows. If an example is needed to better explain what I am talking about, I am willing to create one. I have gotten close with IF, VLOOKUP, and ISBLANK functions, but I am not getting the complete answer I am looking for (maybe a combination of these functions, I am not too sure).

Note that there are multiple projects in the Smartsheet, so I want the formula to coordinate with the proper project.

If anyone has a formula they think could help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

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