Trouble with a four color symbols formula


Hello everyone,

If am trying to indicate project color status based on <TODAY() and TODAY(+x) for green, yellow, red and blue symbols. This is my formula-=IF(OR([Requested Go Live Date/Discontinue Service Date]@row]<=TODAY(+5) "Red", (OR([Requested Go Live Date/Discontinue Service Date]@row<=TODAY(+9) "Yellow",(OR([Requested Go Live Date/Discontinue Service Date]@row<=TODAY(+14))))) "Green", "Blue")

I can get the Green and Red working, but not the Yellow or Blue, so obviously something is wrong with my formula. Any thoughts?

I also have 2 Status and 2 Due Date columns based on the need for a due date faster than the standard turnaround time; "Requested Go Live Date/Discontinue Service Date" and "Expected Completion Date". There is a function that automatically fills in the "Expected Completion Date" with Date of Request +14 or 28, as appropriate, and I am using conditional formatting to turn the text white for the dates in the "Expected Completion Date" column when there is a date in the "Requested Go Live Date/Discontinue Service Date" column. What I can't turn white are the colored status symbol dots in the "Status Requested Go Live Date/Discontinue Service" and "Status Expected Completion Date" columns when they are not needed. Any suggestions on how to handle that?

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