How to replicate/transfer data between two sheets based on stipulated criteria.

Barbara Silva
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This is a workflow type of question that I would very much appreciate help with, to try and resolve with a formula...

I am using a form built in "sheet 1" to collect self-reported data on whether applicants meet a requirement "A." Those who respond "yes," submit a second form (built in a separate sheet, "sheet 2"), within which they provide proof that they in fact meet the requirement. Both sheets will have the applicant's name, and sheet 2 will have a "Requirement 'A' Met?" column to be populated "Yes" or "No" based on supporting info submitted.

Is there a way to replicate the "Requirement 'A' Met?" column from sheet 2 into sheet 1, getting the column in sheet 1 automatically populated when the column in sheet 2 is changed?

Is there a way to have a formula on sheet 1 that says "if applicant's name on sheet 1 matches applicant's name on sheet 2, return the value on 'Requirement 'A' Met?'" column in sheet 2?

Thank you very much in advance!

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