Identify mismatched status (cells)

Tough one to explain.

I have three colulmns that I use a role-based status.

Col A (Status for Role 1) - Ingest, In Progress, Complete

Col B (Status for Role 2) - Ingest, In Progress, Complete

Col C (Status for Role 3) - Ingest, In Progress, Complete

When a person with Role 1 changes the Assigned person to Role 2, an automation kicks in, clearing the Status in Col A and changing the status in Col B to Ingest. Then a person with Role 2 assigns to Role 3, Col B is cleared and Col C is populated.

With me so far?

I'm now dealing with a sheet with thousands of rows and sometimes the automation doesn't fire.

I'd like to create a report (or automation with a notification that looks for mismatches) that looks for the following:

Assignee is Role 2 (so Status should be Col B) but the Status is still Col A (suggesting the automation didn't fire).

The problem I have is that multiple reports are created based on role but some rows are getting orphaned if the the automation doesn't fire for some reason and I need a quick way to identify these rows.


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