converting to a column formula


I am attempting to =IFERROR(SMALL([Lowest Quote]6:[Lowest Quote]9, 1), "") into a column formula I am unsure of the changes needed to make it work. I want to have the lowest quote in the children tasks to populate on the parent task bar.


  • Mike TV
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    Is this the type of thing you want to display?

    Parent Rows collapsed:

    Parent Rows expanded:

    Those can't be column formulas because then the value needing to be entered into the Children rows couldn't be entered. They'd just be blank cells like this and not editable:

    You can however enter this into each parent row's Lowest Quote cell:

    =IFERROR(SMALL(CHILDREN([Lowest Quote]@row), 1), "")

    Or you can make a column formula in a different column that is only used for the parent row's calculation formula. Like this:

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