Debugging Webforms and webhooks

My client has been complaining data some registration data has been lost that was supposed to be sent over one of my webforms.

The problem is that I cannot reproduce the problem and the data is inserted to Smartsheet as expected.

Is there a possibility to debug webforms as well webhooks.


  • Hi @ILKER

    To debug the webhook you can log all of the incoming requests on your server.

    In regards to your webform I'm not sure how can this be debugged.

    You could possibly after the webform is submitted open a specific URL that would capture date and time of the incoming traffic and you could check if the new row had been created around the same time you received the visit to your specific URL but this is not a reliable method however it could work short term.

    edited 07/15/22

    Thanks for the answer, my problem is that some new rows are not being added to table.

    I think web hook is only triggered after the row has been added.

  • Yes, the Web hook would be triggered once the row had been added.

    Just to clarify the data from the webform is not being added to the Smartsheet, right?

    Personally, I had never received a complain that the data from webform was not added to the Smartsheet. I don't think it can be debugged,

    On the webform I would check and disable any mandatory fields as possibly someone if filling the form and missing off the required fields but not reading the error message when they Submit Form - worth a try.