NETDAYS - using "non column" date


Can you use a "hard" date in the NETDAYS formula. Meaning, I don't want to have a column for my start date, because the start date of the event will never change. I want to do this NETDAYS("01/20/2023", [DueDate]@row). So my "hard" date in this example is 1/20/23 (which won't change) and my due date will formulate off of that. I don't want to add an extra column just to have the same date (1/20/23) listed all the way down. I know I can HIDE that column, but then I will have to remember to unhide and add that date every time a new row is added to the end.


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
  • dcech

    Brilliant! Thank you so much. That worked. Although, the way Smartsheet calculates it's days out, it counts the present day as 1 day. So if I have Today's date, and use Net Days also using today's date, instead of returning a value of 0, it returns a value of 1. And I have to put -1 at the end of the formula. Do you find that as well?

    =NETDAYS(DATE(2022, 7, 16), [Show Date]@row) - 1

    (Show Date Column has value of 7/16/22)

    With the formula as written, I get a return of 0 Days Out, which is what I want.

    Thanks again!

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