Using Node.js to populate comments

Hi all.

Not sure where to start :-(

I have a spreadsheet in which we store evidence requirements for audits we do. A control may require evidence of a policy document, plus evidence that the control is actually working (screen shot, register, etc.), and explaining what's needed will make it easier for the customers to fill it in.

Clients are seeking to have the evidence requirement incorporated into the smartsheet so that they can have it on hand when they are submitting evidence. I know I could just add columns (we need about 6 columns for various requirements) but that causes LOTS of downstream problems when we integrate with other systems.

To complicate matters we start a fresh sheet for each client so row/column/discussion IDs are changed (obviously).

My thought was to add the requirement detail as comments per control (each row).

  1. Is developing and using Node.js script the best approach, and
  2. Is it possible?

Thoughts appreciated