Checkbox dependent on data in two rows.

I Regularly refresh different databases throughout the year by making a copy of the old one and importing the new data into it. This results in a ton of redundant data, and I'm looking to quickly cull.

After sorting my grid by IDNumber, how can I get the "To Delete" column to automatically check in rows that have identical "IDNumber" ("duplicate ID" would be checked) and "Location" entries, but "NewEntry" is NOT checked?? (rows 2 & 11).

Similarly, how could I get "Location Change" to automatically check in a rows that have duplicate "IDNumber" values ("Duplicate ID" would be checked) and "NewEntry" is checked, but the "Location" values are different? (rows 3 & 8).


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/15/22

    @Jared Ross

    For your Location Change checkbox, what would determine which of the two get's that box checked or would they both get checkmarked?

    What would determine which one gets New Entry checked? If two sheets are merged with Copy Row into a new sheet, the new sheet's modified/created date will be new and not when they were entered wherever they came from.

  • After I import the new data, I simply check the new rows in the new entry column.

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