IF any dates in a series are within a date range, then value formula

Hi There,

I've been trying to come up with a formula that allows me to check any dates within a series and if ANY of the dates within the series is within a specified date range, then it equal a value. I have listed a brief example below:

IF any of the dates within a row, i.e.:

05/12/22 05/19/22 05/26/22 06/02/22 06/09/22 06/16/22 06/23/22 06/30/22 07/07/22

Fall within a range of days (weeks, to be specific), i.e.:

05/01/22-05/07/22 (May Week 1), 05/08/22-05/14/22 (May Week 2), 05/15/22-05/21/22 (May Week 3)... ETC.

Then, if the result is TRUE, then equal a value.

Not sure if I have been looking at this the wrong way, but I have tried a couple various formulas throughout these forums, but I haven't seen anything along the lines of a series with a range. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it!


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