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Hello. I'm trying to compute a total running tally of "Quantity Used" in my inventory sheet with a simple formula of: =([Starting Board #]@row - [Ending Board #]@row) + 1

As a column formula placed in the "Quantity Used" column, for some reason it's placing the value of "1" in the column cells outside of the formula parameters.....meaning, when I add a number value of boards in the "Unit QTY" column (not related to the cells the formula is referencing), it populates a value (screenshot for reference).

I don't want to see any values in the "Quantity Used" column unless the range of boards used are entered in the "Starting Board #" and "Ending Board #" cells.

How do I keep the formula from computing until those parameters are met? In addition, I don't want the "Starting Board #" added to the quantity either, as this creates a skew.

I've tried everything I can think of, someone please help me! Thanks in advance.


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