If this (Formula) or If that (formula)


I need a column to have more than one formula. For example. I have employees that work in different cities/counties. Based on where they work, there may be a City and County Withholding tax or just A City Withholding tax or just a county withholding tax.

A) I have an employee working in Madisonville - there is a city of Madisonville tax (2.5%) and a Hopkins County withholding tax (0.5%)

B) An Employee working in Hanson only has to pay the Hopkins Co Withholding tax (0.5%) So my Hopkins Co Column needs multiple "If" formulas.

For A) I have Location column that would say Madisonville and a formula =SUMIF(Location@row, "City Tax:Madisonville", [Total Pay]@row) * 0.025 for the Madisonville Column and =SUMIF(Lcoation@row, "City Tax:Madisonville", [Total Pay]@row) * 0.005 for the Hopkins Co Column.

But for Employee B I would need =sumif(Location@row,"City Tax:Hanson",[Total Pay]@row)*.005

How can I have both of these formulas in the same Hopkins Co Tax Column?


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