Finding matches with multi-select dropdowns


Similar to the Josh Reilly question, I am trying to match values between a range and a dropdown list. I have a range of poisoned fruit, and a person who eats many different fruits. I want smartsheets to look through the fruits eaten dropdown list and if it finds a poisoned fruit to a) know the status(poisoned/not poisoned)b) give how many poisoned fruits were eaten and c) which ones.

a) I have had a little success so far with the IF(HAS( function as long as only the poisoned fruits are the only ones "present" in the cell. However, once i add non-poisoned fruit it says he is "not poisoned" ideas?

b) I have been trying to use the Countif(has( for finding the number of times the fruit appears but i think i am having trouble with the criteria part, it keeps producing 0.

c) Once i understand how to cross reference the range and find them in the dropdown i should be able to find a way to create a "poisoned foods eaten" column, but still any help would be appreciated!

Please note I want to avoid text specific calls at all costs! the real "poisoned fruits" list is hundreds of rows long and I don't want to manually call each one in each dropdown list to see if it was eaten.

Thanks so much!


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